Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Bart’s Bio


Bart’s Bio


Bart Sharp resides in Austin Texas and has fallen in love with Southern France, spending as much time as possible in the French landscape. He has found his soul development is dramatically transformed since his 1st visit. Bart is the author of “Magic Speaks” and “The Healing Planet” a book designed to teach the reader to get in touch with their psychic abilities by communing with nature.


In Austin and through cyberspace Bart practices as an intuitive counselor doing shamanistic type of work to release traumatic experiences such as abuse, repressed emotions and other extreme personal limitations. Bart believes that resolving limitations is very important however developing a new energetic awareness within is equally valuable. It is why France is his 2nd home as the power of the land helps him learn the infinite capabilities of his own heart and higher consciousness.


  1. July 8, 2016    

    I really enjoyed and resorted with your video Bart! Thanks for shining your light and pleasure with us.

  2. August 22, 2019    

    Hi Bart,

    I’m a friend of Kaliani (Cynthia Hupper) and she recommended I get in touch with you, as I’d like to do a sacred tour to southern France next spring. I don’t see anything listed for 2020 and was wondering when you’ll next be taking a group to some of the Magdalene sites. Kaliani mentioned a green fairy grotto you turned her onto, and I especially want to go there!


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