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Cures For The Spiritual Tour Letdown



Cures For The Spiritual Tour Letdown

Bart Sharp

For many of us, we have returned from expansive workshops or amazing metaphysical spiritual tours sometime in our past. When we come back home to our regular life, jobs and family it is easy to fall into a lull or slight letdown. Many people feel disappointed while others unconsciously react by having some sort of conflict occur to distract themselves with anger instead of feeling the slightly lowered state.

The spiritual tour may have been the highest of highs where we have experienced phenomenal things, expanded into new lessons and have been stimulated by new friendships. All of this is good and we have to acknowledge this is part of the higher experience or the high end of the cycle. We have been prepping for weeks or months for this event so naturally we step into it with an attitude of being ready to soar to new levels.

It is only natural to begin the next phase of the cycle which is the low-end, we fall into the state where we slow down, maybe be a little sad or feel depressed. We have likely been here before and have developed a pattern. What most people do not realize is the high cycle and the low cycle are a biological oriented creation, our bodies gear up and down to these highs and lows. True enough there are psychological ramifications here and at the same time it is only a natural body process to slump a bit after such a phenomenal experience. In short, allow the low end to occur, rest, reflect and allow. It will pass, then you are ready to move upwards again.

What we must avoid is judging that something is wrong to not stay in the high place, we need another trip, we missed the experience therefore we are planning to go back next year or worse something is wrong with us. The fact of the matter is, we likely got it the first time. If we decide to return to the spiritual place again it is for more advanced study not to try to get what we think we missed.

It is very important to remember the spiritual trip is just the beginning of the journey of what we are seeking. This is true with workshops as well and what most people miss is the practice portion of their learning experience. We can go back to those expanded experiences through visualized /meditative exercises. We should do so in order to learn the more subtle portions of the places and be able to acclimate to the changes in a deeper way.

As you contemplate about what you accomplished on the trip through the sacred sites, meditations and activations make it a daily or regular practice to meditate as if you are there again. Feel again what you experienced back at the sacred site. Ask the energies to activate and let it be alive in you again, your body will remember the energies there if you ask it to recall it. In the space of your own home you will perfect this new consciousness to learn how to embody them even deeper than the original experience. The deeper gift of the spiritual adventure is learning how you can integrate all of these great lessons learned in a period of days in your normal life. Enjoy your homework.

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