Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Itinerary Mary Magdalene Tours June 7th

Itinerary Mary Magdalene Tours  (ten day tour sample)

With Bart Sharp

Enjoy a small, intimate tour in the heart of one of the world’s most powerfully spiritual places.

June 5th through 17th 2019



June 5th For those flying long distances such as USA, departure for an overnight flight.

Day 1 (Thursday, June 6th) Flight day.  Check into the local airport hotel “The Fast Hotel” to recover from jet lag.

Day 2 ( Friday, June 7th)  Pick up from the Fast Hotel at 11AM.

We will enjoy a two-hour drive to the Bugarach area in Southern France with lunch or pastry break along the way if needed in Limoux or Couiza. Then check into our rooms in Quillan and then back out for the first tour sites.

We take a quick 10 kilometer trip to the small town of Serres to see Mt Cardou, the mountain of Mary Magdalene for opening prayers and activations.

Then we travel down the road one kilometer to Pierre Dressie, a magical megalithic stone whose origins are unknown.

For a great photograph we go to Castle Arques, not a spiritual site but we will view it from afar and if time permitting we will take a short walk to Arques Lake, after the long flight some grounding exercises might be good before we take on the heavy weight spiritual sites in the coming days.

Day 3 (Saturday, June 8th) We travel to the majestic areas of The Gorge De Galamus and Hermitage De Galamus. Enjoy an easy one kilometer stroll along this beautiful gorge road looking down two to three hundred feet cliffs into the rugged limestone rock streams of The Gorge De Galamus.

At the end of the walk The Hermitage De Galamus is a Catholic Church within a cave on the cliff side of the gorge. This heart opening, cave church has a strong presence of Mary Magdalene, some psychics swear her presence is so strong it must have been one of her ceremonial places.

Enjoy a wonderful cup of hot chocolate or coffee in the store at the cave entrance, Great place to buy souvenirs.

We visit an old abbey town of Cubieres Sur Cinoble, the last remnants of the abbey is an old Templar based church.

After a late lunch we visit the Pic De Bugarach for a meditation and a mystery sight in the forest called Route De Marie, no one knows why this engraved, stone plaque was built here except it seems to be the home of something quite cosmic coming out of the mountain rocks itself.

If time permitting we will visit some of the power spots at River Sals or visit Rennes Les Bains.

Day 4  (Saturday, June 9th) We will take a hour drive deeper into the foothills of the Pyrenees to the city and forest of Nebias. Most agree this is the best description of a fairy forest ever seen in France. Enjoy a day trip walking in a maze of forest trails and limestone rocks in the presence of the fairy and angel kingdoms. Words cannot describe it. We will enjoy a picnic in the woods. This is this longest walking day of eight kilometers on an all day excursion. Most of our time will be spent sitting in a forest. Remember to bring some form of mat or pad, water bottle and backpacks to carry your lunch. I will have walking sticks for everyone.


Day 4  (Sunday, June 9th) We go into the Pyrenees mountains to visit the town of Tarrascon home of Chapelle de Notre Dame Sabarts, founded over twelve hundred years ago by King Charlemagne who had an encounter with Mother Mary at this spot. This church is an amazing connection to the feminine.

Next we visit a sacred cave of the Cathars, Grotte De Bethlehem, this is a highly charged cave tapping into deep sources of the inner light (or inner sun) of the earth. Once you have visited, it is easy to understand why this was a sacred pilgrimage site for the Cathars.

We will most likely go to the market at Esperaza in the morning, we will buy lunch there for a picnic later in the day.

On our way home we will stop by a country church called Notre Dame De Celles, Mother Mary appeared here to a young man and blessed the local spring in a forested hillside, much like the story of Bernadette in Lourdes. The church has a profound presence of Mother Mary and holy water is available for all, equal to the intensity of the water of Lourdes. Bring your bottles as you will want to take this water home.

This church is opened only on Sundays for rosary service, we hope to come around the end of the service around 2:30 PM. The water is always available.

We will be doing Mother Mary prayers while drinking the high vibration water raising our spiritual chi while extending this energy out to our loved ones.

If time permitting we will end the day with a walk in the forests most likely near Monsegur.

Day 5 (Monday, June 10th) 

We will drive about an hour in the direction of the coast to the desert area to visit Cave of Perillos, we will spend the morning hours there meditating in this well lit cave. I suspect this was a place of worship or pilgrimage for the Cathar people. Author of “The O Manuscript” Lars Muhl believes Mary Magdalene did forty day prayer vigils here.

Nearby the caves is Chateau de Perillos, perched on an hilltop over looking the Mediterranean Ocean, some believe Jesus was buried here and we will go to this hidden burial site.

Later we will travel a winding country road to visit a mountain peak fortress of Chateau De Payrepertuse. This well built fortress is a great example of the chateaus of France established in the dark ages. Within the structures are two churches, one of Church of Marie and the other a hill top church of San Jordi. Both churches still embody special powers.


Lunch will be enjoyed at a local bakery in Estagel as we will buy a picnic lunch to dine in the cave, bring your backpacks and mats. This day will include about 5 kilometers of walking in total.

Day 6 (Tuesday, June 11th)

Just a short drive away from our tour home of Quillian is the world famous church of Rennes Les Chateau. The church was used as the setting in the final scene of “The DaVinci Code.” Author William Henry proclaims, “The church is the most powerful energy in the world.” I perceive the church is the intersection of three ley lines and it was likely a place of worship long before the Catholics came in (most likely worshippers of Isis.)

Afterwards will enjoy a relaxing lunch in Le Jardin De Marie in RLC, a beautiful outdoor restaurant with reasonable but delicious lunches and sheep milk ice cream out of this world. There will be time to shop in a few of the shops in the village as well.

After lunch we drive for an hour to the town of Monsegur and Chateau de Monsegur. The chateau is the sight of the Cathar massacre. It is also a high energy site as an intersection of two major ley lines, the mountain is a powerful spot. We will we saying prayers for the healing of this land and likely extend it out for transformations of  brutalities around the world.


Day 7 ( Wednesday, June 12th)

We will take a short drive through the Pyrenees foothills to “The Cave of Mary Magdalene” It is unknown why they are called the Caves of Mary Magdalene, some say she did healings there.  What is more obvious about these caves are they are ancient, it is hard to tell whether they are natural or partially man (or alien made) maybe an ancient people. One of the caves has a great feminine presence connecting deep into the source of Gaia. The second cave is more of a masculine energy and is good to release and resolve issues. The third cave has a connection to the cosmos, I call it “The Star Cave” These three caves each have their own distinct presence. The most popular appears to be the feminine cave where ancient rituals of fertility were likely preformed. It has the most divine feminine presence. A tour favorite and we will spend at least three hours at these caves. There will be time for individual and group energy work.

Lunch at Rennes Les Bains in the town square, there is a Brassiere and pizza place, Chez Oui (serving Italian style pizzas). The Brassiere restaurant next door serves hamburgers, various fried foods and salads at the town center plaza under the sycamore trees. The Brassiere owner is a home spun artist expressing his love of Rennes Le Bains through his art all placed in his restaurant.

In the afternoon, it is a free day to relax either in the hot springs, go the the Chair of Isis of the small town of Rennes Les Bains, explore the town or have an early return home to rest in the comfort of your room. Bring your bathing suit if going to the hot springs.

Day 8 (Thursday, June 13th)

A day of visiting churches and castles all north of Quillan in the towns of Limoux, Carrcasone and Vals. On the outskirts of Limoux there is the famous Notre Dame De Marcielle; a locally famous church with a holy well of higher vibration and a black madonna mysteriously found in a nearby field where the church was built in the eighth century.

Outside the town of Carcassonne is La Cite, the largest castle or fortress in Europe. It is a bit of of tourist place but we will split up as a group to visit the fortress, have lunch and possibly visit the Cathedral there. Bring a watch or timepiece as we may travel in smaller groups for a two hour tour.

To complete the day we travel to Vals an ancient site of worship dating back to possibly 2500 BC, amazing architecture and deeply powerful. Many people perceive a “white light energy” coming up from the earth when they place their hand upon the alter. The church is built into mountain side and is an architectural wonder.

Day 9 (Friday, June 14th)

We visit the small church in Bugarach, spirit definitely lives in this quiet church. We take a quick walk to the outskirts of Bugarach to an area that is perceived to be the encampment where Mary Magdalene and the Essines lived (according to Clair Heartsong’s book “Voice Of The Magdalenes.”)

We will have a second meditation time at Pic De Bugarach, somewhere around the base of the sacred, stargate mountain, Pic De Bugarach.

In the late morning we will be at “Fountain De La Amour” near Rennes Les Bain. Some believe Mary Magdalene did baptisms here. It is a heavenly beautiful place and good for a swim if you like cold water. Otherwise meditate in a fairy like atmosphere

We eat a late lunch at “Le Fournil De Luc” a pastry, salad and sandwich shop. The desserts are amazing, always leave room for something sweet in this organic restaurant.

Alet Le Bains and St Salyvre.

Visit an old Roman church in this small town and the home of Nostradamus. Then we go up a narrow winding hill is the tiny village of St Salyvre. A former Roman outpost, now Catholic community center. French stories say Jesus died here.  Placing your hands on the alter activates a very powerful energy in the crown chakra and third eye. I feel the presence of Jesus here very strongly. This is an amazing place as it is located at a mountain pass of around 2,000 feet so the views are good.

Day 10 ( Saturday, June 15th)

Open day. We can either travel to the coast, go to the mountains of Canigou to visit the monestary or revisit a favorite place.

Day 11  (Sunday, June 16th)

We begin the morning by visiting the market at Esperaza, a large French market where we can buy our lunch and see French life close up.

We take a quick trip to the Besu, a old mountain Templar mountain fortress, the view is incredible as we can say goodbye to the area from this strategic point.

We pick up our bags and depart for the Fast Hotel in Toulouse for flying out.

Day 12 (Monday, June 17th)

Fly home


 For more information and photos of the tour go to: www.marymagdalenefrancetours.com

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