Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Being Bathed In The Light

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Being Bathed In The Light

By Bart Sharp


Becoming a more evolved person is basically a three-fold process, change is required in three domains of our life in order to have a fuller transformation.


  1. Recognizing and resolving our limitations and emotions.


  1. Creating a new, more expansive energetic consciousness or vibration.


  1. Using the expansion of consciousness to create, live and love our life in the new pattern that matches our new higher vibration.


Going to places like Pic De Bugarach in Southern France can expand our consciousness in its energetic presence, creating a new vibration in us. A common reaction from first-time visitors is, “Upon seeing the Pic De Bugarach I felt my heart opened, I felt such joy.”


The Stargate is an opening of a much higher vibration than most humans have experienced. The Bugarach Stargate awakens everyone at some level to expand consciousness whether they are aware of it’s active effects. In its most basic definition the Stargate is a complexity of conscious energy from a wide variety of dimensions in the universe, all converging together above and within the Pic De Bugarach. It is as complex as the human brain yet is an expanded infinite consciousness where guardians of various realities (Angels, extraterrestrials, light beings) exist.


When in close proximity of the Stargate people can began the process of perceiving its consciousness as it enters the space of their body. The more they are aware of the vibrational transformations they begin to learn those energies as if they are a language.


Each sacred site in the Bugarach area has something to offer to the visitor as each vibrates in their own special transformative quality but in some way they are still connected to the Pic De Bugarach, mostly through lay-lines. For example, the world famous church at Rennes Le Chateau offers a special energetic signature due to its location, history and being that it is a church, however one of its main sources of energetic power comes from the Pic De Bugarach. Each place connected to the peak opens us differently in various chakras and frequencies. By meditating at the sites we learn the vibrations, thus changing our own consciousness.


It is the real souvenir we can take home if we learn the energetic qualities through the process of meditations at the sites we can take the lessons home and practice. To acclimate and accommodate our new knowledge more fully we open the possibility of greater change while on a vacation. We take a little bit of the Stargate home with us when we lived in the interior space of its vibration.


This is what the churches and other sacred spots were designed to do in the Bugarach area. Somewhere in the fore-sight and wisdom of ancient people, they developed the places to worship, meditate, invite spirit in and be with something of a higher vibration. To enlighten, connect with spirit and create magic. Many of the sites were constructed, most likely before the arrival of Mary Magdalene, having ancient pagan roots. These people knew what we are learning now.

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