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Expanding In The Power Of A Sacred Place

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Expanding In The Power Of A Sacred Place

By Bart Sharp

For the past seven years I have been visiting churches, sacred sites and power spots of the Languedoc Region of Southern France. Like a fine wine the perceptions I have had in these places changed or evolved as I have meditated there. When I first began visiting these places I felt a variety of sensations from ecstatic to almost nothing. Over the years I have visited some of these places up to twenty-five times. Even now each is often a different experience from the previous one.

As a person visits these places there are a variety of factors to influence your experience. What we perceive at the sacred sites grows because we are growing on the spiritual path. As we explore we will perceive energies around us, the depths of our perceptions evolves and we expand within as a result of being more aware.

There are a variety of factors to influence our personal growth at these amazing places. It is good to be aware of them so we can access our best spiritual opening. Below are some examples.

In the Pic De Bugarach area I find the full moon as a highly dominating influence, more than any place I have experienced in the world. I have been in the presence of full moons before but at this mountain peak it seems to be more charged by the moon’s phases in conjunction due to the power of the Stargate at Pic De Bugarach.

One of the most significant influences in receiving a more profound response is, “Who  are you with when visiting the area?” The energetic presence and awareness of others multiplies our own experience. During the last June tour the group attending possessed wide variety of psychic abilities: one person could perceive spirits that were around at the sites, another had amazing abilities to feel energies of the earth, one woman could summon the energies of spirits to facilitate transformative changes, and one was very grounded, centered in herself.

What occurred was my perceptions of the sites opened more because other people could recognize something different there than me. The expanded beings they were moved my perceptions more. I had an enriching experience just as everyone else did. The difference was I been to these places many times before.

Also, I was opened to deepening my perceptions more as I revisited these places with the group. Someone else always can be our teacher or magnifier. I perceived it as a deeper level with this new reference opened by the group. Still today it feels more profound when I visit these places because my perceptions were stretched more by the group’s awareness. As my perception expands my energetic being evolves.

In reflection of those who first detected the energies hundreds of years ago in these magical places and then built structures such as churches on these power spots; they most likely saw worshiping at these places the tool for a higher communion with God.

It is something I have witnessed here in France, the power of the sacred place. We grow internally to a higher power by being expanded by the power spot. To maximize the experience it is best; to be more clear of distractions inside of ourselves, centered within and less affected by our emotional issues. In this condition we access the energetic information better. In fact the sacred sites will bring up our issues when we remain in their presence just as light makes the shadow more pronounced. This is something not to be avoided but to recognize it maybe part of the process. It is a gift to realize our shadow, when we do so we have an opportunity to be more resolved of it. It is the light of the sacred place’s gift to us, then we can receive more of the higher vibration as a result.

In my experiences here, I see how it has changed me dramatically. From the explosions of expanded sensations to a unimaginable deepening through time. Each journey has a possibility to dramatically change us. We open, listen and evolve.

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