Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

I Choose


The Choice To Consciousness


By Bart Sharp


We have all had experiences were we feel expanded, slightly bigger than life. It maybe we saw an inspirational movie and our like most everyone in the audience our heart’s felt bigger than when we entered. It is a temporary euphoria to show us an awareness we are ready to possess when we evolve to our next level.


What occurred when our heart opened is we felt a little beyond our normal self and it felt good. We can also feel it when we are around someone who has expanded their consciousness to a higher degree than us. Their energetic field expands ours and we feel lighter. It maybe why we are attracted to be around some people, we simply feel better when we are around them.


It is great to have these experiences as they are teachers. If we could be a servant to a Christ-like being our soul would develop, however we must remember the lessons required in order to expand still need to be learned. We cannot expect soul growth being on auto-matic pilot letting other stimulus do it for us.


Living near Pic De Bugarach, France for the past nine weeks has been a soul growth experience. Being in the presence of the Pic expands my heart in amazing ways, it is so easy to feel a state of unconditional love here. However, this is only the beginning. To expect great growth requires the discipline of meditating with the Pic often, it is an opportunity to grow beyond our beautiful feeling our heart sings out with. Then take what I have learned and share with the world.


The Stargate of The Pic De Bugarach qualities opens our thymus gland, second chakra, throat, crown and re-programs our brain to function in a higher state of light. It also expands the heart consciousness in profound ways. In the words of John Wayne, “Daylight is a burning.” When I am at the Pic I am a spiritual warrior, every minute is important to learn how to accommodate and learn the energies. The more I master the vibrations and learn how to connect as deeply as possible to the sources of the Stargate I create big steps in becoming more infinite.


When we go to highly energetic places re-vitalization may not be rest and margaritas (or in France, rest, cheese and wines) but connecting to source to become a new vitality. To flow with greatness is our opportunity. This is what life is about, the journey of soul development.


The upcoming Southern France Tours will have a focus to soul-growth. Think of traveling to almost twenty highly energetic sights and learning their energetic secrets and how to apply them to your life. The biggest treat will be living across The Pic De Bugarach and learning how to connect to the Stargate Magic daily. The next tour will be August 23 to September 3rd.

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