Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Mary Magdalene And The Ancient Mysteries Of France Tour 9-8-20


Mary Magdalene and the Ancient Mysteries of France Tour

September 8th – 17th, 2020

With Bart Sharp


Take a Pilgrimage along the path of Mary Magdalene and receive her initiation.

In the years after the crucifixion, Mary Magdalene performed her ministry at many sacred sites in Southern France.  Mary tapped into the energetic potency of these magical lands to work her miracles.

As you visit each site, receive Mary’s initiations across the layers of time along with other transformative activations with Bart Sharp, as your intercessor and guide.

In the lands of the Languedoc region of SW France, you can experience secret powers of the Earth used by ancient magical peoples such as Master Mary Magdalene.  In this area of France, the Earth’s energetic lay lines connect the ancient cultures of Egyptian Isis, the Atlanteans, The Templars and the Cathar mystery school.  Learn about all of this rich history, as you are initiated into these energetic powers.

In this profound tour we will explore the special places of secret origins as well as some of the popular places like: Rennes Les Chateau (church of Mary Magdalene), Fountaine De Amour (possible baptismal spot by Mary Magdalene), St Salvayre and Notre Dame De Celles (the church where Mother Mary appeared and blessed the spring waters).

In addition we will spend longer periods connecting to more ancient energies at:

The Cathar Initiation cave of Grotte De Bethlehem.

The cave of Mary Magdalene’s sabbaticals, Grotte De Perillios.

The sacred church of Marie at Chateau De Payrepertuse.

The Caves of Mary Magdalene, a tour favorite.

Vals Church, an ancient site since 2000 BC changed to a the most unique structure as well as a connection to deep powers within the earth.

Hermitage De Galamus, a place of worship for likely over 2,000 years, Mary Magdalene was suspected to worship here.

What all of these ancient places have in common is they are connected to a higher conscious frequencies deep within the earth that transforms us.

We will reside in the small village of Brezilhou, dine on local French foods cooked by locals and enjoy local, organic wines.

About your Guide, Bart Sharp

Bart has been leading sacred tours in southern France for six years.  As a gifted psychic, Bart can read and interact with the energies of the land, the history and facilitate a greater connection with the power spots.  Bart is an emissary for the collective knowledge about these sacred places on the Earth. Spirit continues to demonstrate his path by revealing more sacred sites every year.  No two tours are the same!

Reserve your spot, six maximum

Join us for these nine days of touring for $2700

Early bird registration ends June 1st, 2020 and receive a $300 discount.

Call Bart at 512 809 6807 or email heartofturtle@earthlink.net to reserve your spot.

The tour includes:

Pick-up and drop off from Toulouse airport or nearby hotel.


Dinner and breakfast

Private or shared room

It does not include:

Flight ticket


Admission to parks (2 in total)

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