Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Mary Magdalene And The Ancient Mysteries Of France Tour 9-8-20

A Journey Into The Essence Of The Divine Feminine Of  The Ancient Lands Of SW France And Mary Magdalene

A Spiritual Tour of Southern France in May 2023.

With Bart Sharp

Come join us on a spiritual tour to guide you into a greater internal growth as we transform the depths of our higher self. Let the sacred sites and natural power spots of Southern France open you. Enter the path of Mary Magdalene, as she likely journeyed to these lands of Southern France for some of the same reasons you would; to let the energies of these special places open you to a greater actualization. Discover the magic of what people have known from ancient times that attracted The Knight’s Templar, The Cathars, Egyptian spirituality and Mary Magdalene. Uncover the secrets the land has to offer. We will visit churches, natural spots, moderately easy to access caves and ancient sites to facilitate amazing transformations. 

The 2023 tour’s targeted number of participants is six people, in some cases we might enlarge to 8. Therefore we will be able to transition more quickly, spend more time at the sites, see more of them and have more of an intimate connection with the power spots. We generally visit over fifteen sites on the tour, we will be busy yet always having time to meditation and do energetic activations at most all sites. The Maison De Brezilhou, near Rennes Les Chateau is located in a central location so we will be able to utilize our time even more efficiently than before. We generally depart at nine in the morning and return home around six in the evening.

Tour guide, Bart Sharp has lived his summers in the Languedoc/Aude Region for the past seven years, in this time he has communed with the energies of the lands in the common and obscure places to discover the secrets of the power spots. Using shamanistic tools and his intuitive abilities Bart perceives deeply in the land, buildings and into individuals to facilitate deep spiritual awakenings. If you are wishing to connect with the places of ancients like Mary Magdalene did, witness highly energetic locations, grow in soul and consume delicious french foods and wines? This tour is for you.

Arrive in Toulouse France  in the afternoon/early evening, before the starting day of the tour, sleep in the Fast Hotel near the airport and be picked up at 10:30 AM to go to the Aude Region of SW France.


What is included:

*Approximately nine days of touring in Southern France.

*A ride to and from the airport.

*Pick up breakfast.

*Dinners cooked by locals, mostly French cuisine.

*Housing, at Grand Maison Brezilhou

*Energetic activations

What is not included

*Flight ticket

*Lunch, average cost 12 euros per meal

*Park Fees to Chateau Payrepertuse and Monsegur, six euros each.


$2500 USD for the tour. There is a $200 discount if you share a room. (this will be necessary if there are six or more people on the tour. Please call Bart to register at 512 809 6807 or contact by email at Bartsharp55@gmail.com to arrange a conversation. I like to talk to anyone before registering to make sure this is the right tour for them.

Pay by PayPal address of heartofturtle@earthlink.net, Venmo address of Bart-Sharp-2 or by check (which is actually preferred), to Bart Sharp



What To Expect

French country living is casual dress, even to dinner. Expect a variety of temperatures and conditions in spring, summer and fall. Count on some cloudy, rainy days. This will require us to schedule some excursions around the weather as lower elevations closer to the coast are sunnier.

Things to bring on the tour:


Long sleeve shirts

Shorts and a pair of heavier pants

Raincoat or rain resistant jacket


Walking shoes, weatherproofed

Swim suit

Mat, sitting for outdoor meditations

Small backpack

Water bottle/s

We will be doing lots of walking and some of the time up steep inclines. It is best to shape up if you are not used to walking over two miles and steep inclines. Many trails are rugged footpaths used for centuries unlike the cut trails Americans are accustomed to in public parks. I will have walking sticks if desired.

Money and Credit Cards

ATMs are plentiful and if you have a world-wide bank, your debit cards will be honored in France.

There is a ATM at most Post Offices in small towns so Euros are fairly easily to obtain.

Extended Stays

If you wish to arrive earlier or stay later, rooms can be rented and I can assist in those arrangements. Let me know.

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