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Nebias Forest, France (With Slideshow)

natural beauty, Nebias Forest, France

Nebias Forest


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Nebias Forest, An Energetic Smorgasbord


By Bart Sharp


The small forest and nature center of Nebias Forest, in Nebias France is famous for its energies emanating out of the rocks and trees. In this dense forest of limestone rocks, mosses and trees one can absorb the magic of the land just by touching trees and sitting on large boulders. Something in the geology of fault lines, old forest growth, limestone rocks, spirit beings on the land, or other factors have powers come seeping out of the nature. Those with extra sensory abilities find Nebias an energetic and visual pleasure. The forest is beautiful with the trees, rocks and mosses as well.


Each tree or rock appears to have a different subtly of vibration, with some being stimulating to lower chakra centers and others resonating with the crown or third eye. It is hard to explain why it works in such a way but it does. Many sense the presence of fairies and angels through out the forest with the center of Fairy Land at The Sapin Harp, a tree shaped like a fifty foot harp.


Stones and trees are conductors of energy, it is their natural state of being. Being in the presence of a redwood tree, you can feel the presence of something much greater. All aspects of nature have these capabilities to expand. In Nebias there is a greater flows from geological energies.

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