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Pic De Bugarach (with Slideshow)

Pic De Bugarach, Southern France Tours

Pic De Bugarach


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Pic De Bugarach


By Bart Sharp


Pic De Bugarach, nicknamed “The Magic Mountain” is both an energetic and geological phenomenon in Southern France. Geologists say Bugarach is a mountain built upside down. Thousands of years ago when the formations of the Pyrenees Mountains were arising out from the earth one particular peak arose and was toppled over in this cataclysmic transition.


Still today Pic De Bugarach stands differently than the other foothill mountains of the area as if it is a separate entity altogether from the Pyrenees. It does not have a typical pointed top but appears as if the peak has been broken off, standing separate from other ranges of mountains with its atypical shape. Still it has a presence that stops people, due to its other worldly power. Hundreds come each year to feel its energies, walk up the mountain, and look to an experience of inner transformation.

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