Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Tour Testimonials


Tour Testimonials

The trip was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. The French countryside was warm, inviting and incredibly beautiful; from the rivers to the foothills to the caves and the mountains. For me it was incredibly special go to different sacred sites and begin begin to get awareness of the different energetic fields and how they affected me. From uplifting and sensual and expansive to be quiet stillness and peace. The food was simply out of this world wonderful. The trip could stand on any segment alone the sacred sites, the beautiful countryside or the fantastic French cuisine with the local wines. I’m especially thankful for your capacity as a healer and guide; the two times you did readings for me one on the  top of my Mt Cardou  in the Mary Magdalene tree area and your work with me in the Star Cave with my  wounded child and asthma. As a guide I feel you tuned into the group energy, could roll with the changing weather and the changing states of the different group members to attune and lead us forward.

Since coming back I notice an increased expansiveness and stillness, a sense of being less rushed and a deeper connection with life and nature

With love and thanks,

Raphael Rod Birney MD

Psychotherapy & SoulWork


Testimonial for Bart Sharp, Sacred Feminine Tour 2022

Bart Sharp’s Sacred Feminine Tour does not disappoint.  I needed a reboot from work and home life and had long been fascinated with the region, the Mary Magdalene stories, earth energies and sacred feminine themes.  Immediately, we were off, bonding with my tourmates and Bart’s sharing his considerable knowledge of the area, the history, the natural phenomena.  After settling into a charming residence, we set off for the many sacred sites, natural springs, rivers, mountains and caves in the plan. What an immersive experience! While the schedule was full, we were able to take our time at each location to explore our personal and our group experiences. Fascinating conversations, stories from Bart, local experts, healing sessions and the tourmates further enriched the trip. We would meet again in the evenings for mind blowing local French wine and cuisine where more stories and much laughter helped us process some intense self-awakening.  This experience, this tour, these places were just what I needed and wanted for myself and my growth.  It was an amazing journey, over too soon and a powerful experience that will jump start your spiritual journey.

Tori Shequine


Good morning Bart. Thank you for facilitating this life altering journey.  I feel as if I have shed layers of the things that were keeping me back from knowing and expressing myself. As you spoke and took us to each site, another layer was revealed, the mystery and magic unraveled. Revealing a truly magnificent realm of what is possible. I am eternally grateful to you and I look so forward to how I will apply this in this life. I have some ideas and will be working with this in the coming weeks. I will be in touch if I get stuck. With so much love and gratitude to you and the work you do in the world.

Meagan Coetzee


The most amazing time spent in the South of France. I cannot put into words the energy in this part of the world. It’s like being in another dimension, where only unconditional love exists. Thank you to Bart Sharp and the rest of the beautiful group for the love, joy, fear conquering, stepping into my power, blissful time

Michelle Leske


Hi Bart, thank you for an amazing trip, it was undeniably transformational. The best part was you guiding the mediations and the energy work which made it superbly magical. Needless to say, it was beyond anything I had expected or imagined.



You are a fantastic guide and I am so impressed with your ability to adjust to the group that you are with.  I also appreciate how much you give to the group, via your group and individual readings/leading.   The cooks and dinners were outrageous.

Suzanne Yahya Nadler


We both (of course!) enjoyed and appreciated the first-rate tour and it’s direction in so many ways, from sites and scheduling to meals and accommodations to personal care and sensitivity to growing and changing individual (and group) visions.  Not just material needs, by a long shot!  This alone makes for really high marks. But because we both feel changed, as though our long-held meditation practices have deepened and quickened, some time is required to readjust. We all expressed profound intentions and expectations of the tour on a spiritual level, and these were fulfilled. Even exceeded, in ways that only now begin to come into focus.

Quickened, in that I drop more directly into heightened states of consciousness, but also slowed, as though a pause takes place between thought and action. In that pause, all the meaning comes clear. You seem a John the Baptist in the need to manifest ‘consciousness revolution’ in the manner of Mary Magdalene, Jeshua, Mother Mary, Anna, and others.  Immersed so thoroughly in these teachings in a 10 day intensive, we are truly baptised.  The manifesto of the revolution includes social change, and dropping into consciousness induces downloads of coded information as mets-preparation in the vital cause.  We can use new, deeper skills on levels of personal development and interpersonal contact.  Bring it on; time not just short, but collapsing.

Mac and Marcy Graham


Exciting, enlightening and amazing, those are some of the adjectives that come to mind regarding this fabulous tour of Mary Magdalene put together by a very knowledgeable guide, Bart Sharp, who never disappointed us in any way.  Always willing to accommodate the group’s requests and was more than happy to adjust the itinerary when necessary.  His patience, guidance and love for the land was present at every turn.  We saw and visited places that were so remote that only a well researched and connected person could have discovered.  To top it all, at the end of our journey, a beautiful rainbow sealed the acknowledgement of energy work engaged by all.  Could not have asked for better!  Thank you Bart for being such a fantastic guide and a friend!


Sylvie Tessier, Aylmer, Quebec, Canada



July 5, 2017

As a registrant in the June 2017 Sacred Sites of Mary Magdalene tour, I had no idea what to really expect from the experience.  However, after 10 days of touring the lush countryside of Southern France with Bart Sharp as our guide, I was truly blown away and forever changed by the experience.  We visited out of the way places full of mystical and magical energies from caves to churches to fairy forests, not your standard tourist spots.  Bart was extremely knowledgable about the energies and history of these sites and his intuitive gifts helped to give me a better understanding of what he perceived was deeper than the physical.

Bart is also a talented intuitive counselor and while touring you around Southern France, he is also helping you to get to the core of any personal issues you are working through, should you desire such assistance.  His vast knowledge of Access Consciousness helps him to work with you at a deeper emotional level to release what no longer serves you.

I highly recommend a tour with Bart Sharp!  He has great passion for Southern France, the Mary Magdalene sites and being of service to others. I am deeply grateful to Bart.  Not only did I learn so much about Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and their travels through France, but I gained a friend in the process.  If you have an opportunity to travel with Bart, don’t hesitate, GO!

Debbie W.



If you long to go deep into the spirit of Mary Magdalene and into the soul of the land of southern France, Bart Sharp is the perfect guide. He not only knows the history and the “lay of the land”, he also can lead you into the ley-lines of your own Heart.

As I engaged  him as my personal guide (vs a group tour) I experienced many levels of the intensified ley-love-lines of the Divine Feminine as he led me to the sites I had longed to visit for years as well as some unknown to me that he has uncovered during his explorations over the years.

Often times, as our hearts opened in mutual resonance to the Magdalene/Christos Love, we would engage  in spontaneous ritual and channeling. It became to clear to me that Bart is a shaman, offering me etheric healings as resistance or imprints arose in me for release in the midst of my pilgrimage. We also laughed alot so the principle of JOY was also often evoked in the midst of this journey.

He accompanied me to Mary’s 3 Caves, “Mary’s Path”, the magical Nebias Forest, the Stargate at Bugarach, and many other ancient and sacred sites and  churches where Mary’s exquisite presence can be felt. We even explored an ancient celtic circle as well as many churches where she has been revered over the centuries, all serving  me to connect more deeply to her Spirit.

The road to De Hermitage De Galamus, a church/cave provides a breath-taking ride or hike via an amazing and beautiful gorge, where it is believed to be Mary led rituals. For those who are sensitive it is easy to sense her presence here.  At La Sals River, where I felt her presence the strongest, I wrote and meditated and felt the privilege and beauty of being here…and the gift of being being ushered by such an intuitive, compassionate , competent, and generous guide.

Savoring other aspects of the sweetness of Life, we also enjoyed the Sunday morning market in Limoux (or was it Couiza?) and the ancient delights of several small French villages. I appreciate the way Bart would roll out a multitude choices to accommodate my interests as each day unfolded.

My greatest expectations were met and surpassed.

Falling  into  the frequencies of the land she lived in and loved so much, I met Mary’s Being more fully in myself. More essentially, I met new depths of my own passion and love for Life. Mary Magdalene constantly calls us to the inner life and Bart was the consummate guide/companion for me.

Linda Broome


Bart delivered exactly what he promised. He took us to many remote locations that we would never have been able to locate without his thorough knowledge of the area. He quickly adapted to our change of itinerary without hesitation and always with great humor. He is an incredibly kind, warm, spiritual being who will exceed your expectations as he did ours. We highly recommend Bart to anyone passionate about exploring the Cathar and Mary Magdalene history.

Claudette and Jenna

Hi Bart,

Wanted to thank you belatedly for the wonderful trip.  I know I was a challenge for you and for that I do apologize.

Your knowledge, willingness to accommodate our requests, patience, understanding meant an awful lot to me.  I sincerely hope that I can return to the beautiful parts of France you shared with the six of us some day in the not too distant future.



Be prepared for an Unforgettable Everlasting Experience

Bart  Sharp is the “ Real Deal”

Loving Authentic Fun Humble and kind

His Precious Heart leads this pilgrimage creating a mystical magical experience

He is supportive ,understanding and challenges your resistance to overcome fear

I dared to embrace places and spaces that I had so feared

His knowledge of this sacred  Pilgrimage is not only immense, intense, inspiring and truly felt magical,

It filled my heart with Love Joy laughter fear and appreciation to walk this path with Bart with deep compassion and  reverence to his unique way of sharing his pligrimage with me,

His amazingness is so in tune with our infinite consciousness and it’s current state of Play within the time of awesome ascension that we are in

He see’s and senses the polarity of both pleasure and pain and how to meet  and support these to heal  with unconditional LOVE

My heart truly  felt and experienced a huge deep amazing emotional shift being on this pilgrimage with Bart.

Aurora Dawn



I was looking to connect with Mary Magdalene on this tour but I experienced so much more.  I was able to practice connecting with each of these locations energetically and understand its deep and long history.  In addition, I was able to contribute to each of these sites by clearing and/or unfolding the energy that was already there. Bart always gave us enough time at each location and I never felt rushed.  He took us to places that no tourist would ever find on their own without local knowledge and guidance.  If you are looking to expand your psychic skills and deeply connect with sacred sites in southern France, this is the tour for you.




The Sacred Site Tour of the Cathars and Mary Magdalene was amazing. I loved everything about the tour: the visits, the meditations, the walk in the fairy forest (Nebias Forest), the food prepared by Cécile and the marvelous company including Bart our guided shaman.

Our first visit was the Gorge De La Galamus and it was breathtaking.  The ride is about 3 kilometers long along a cliff side with a stone wall and overhanging rock. This certainly gave a good start to our journey with a big ‘wow’. We could only imagine the hidden caves embedded in the rock mountains in the Cathar region.

My second favorite site was the different caves we visited.  One of them was the Mary Magdalene cave where she apparently performed her teaching.  Her presence was felt by all. Tina communicated with her and delivered profound messages.

My favorite moment was when we returned to the church – Cubieres Sur De Cinoble – at the end of our journey and performed a ceremony where we activated the church and liberated the Knights of Templar.  After the session, the sun came out for a fraction of a second and different colour of light appeared on the floor as it came through the stain glass of the church.  This was a sign of gratitude for the release of the Templars.

For me, the trip was very enriched with meditation and energy work. We were exposed to the truth about the Cathars, Mary Magdalene and Jesus as well as the Templars.  Bart was able to share with us all of the knowledge and we felt that we were living through times. This is no ordinary visit, it is a spiritual journey guided by a true shaman (Bart).

This trip is not like others.  It is an experience that one must live.



I found Bart’s Languedoc tour magical!  Each day included visits to places of powerful energies and Nature spirits.  I enjoyed both the ancient religious sites of churches and chapels, and the wild places sacred to the Goddess.  It was delightful to stay in a private home owned by an enchanting Frenchwoman who rescues animals and communes with the spirits of the Pic de Bugarach- and the food and wine were excellent.



I have always felt drawn to explore the Languadoc region of southern France specifically the areas where Mary Magdalene lived. I have had a connection with her for a long time. Despite my draw to this region, I really had no idea where to go or how to get around. Driving in France can be daunting and I had enough of that last summer. My fiancé was up for the trip and came along for the ride. I contacted Bart Sharp to see if he would be our private tour guide. He exceeded our expectations as not only the most amazing tour guide, but also offered friendship, camaraderie, support and help along our journey. He helped us figure out which train to take to meet him and picked us up in his nice rental car. Immediately, our adventure begun and for the next 48 hours we journeyed all over the area visiting many sacred sites including caves where Mary Magdalene supposedly meditated for years, her possible grave site, churches dedicated to her and to the divine feminine. Bart also took us to some great markets where I bought some wonderful, local French ingredients to make amazing dinners from. Bart shared so much rich insight into the French culture and introduced us to some interesting people. He also arranged for our place to stay. He totally took care of us from start to finish including visiting a little sheep cheese farm on our last morning where we bought several rounds of cheese. He also offered us some energy work and activations while we meditated at sacred places. To cool off, he took us to a local swimming hole which was very refreshing. It was a very special part of our trip and one I will never forget.


Amanda Love

“The Barefoot Cook”





Thanks so much to Everyone for all the help and input. It was such a blessing to work “in the magic!” with all of you.

I have always just believed that there would be “magical and energetic” cooperation and equality in my life at some point….  I had given up that I would ever experience this…. but on this trip it really  Shined!  ….  Popped! ….and then Happily Exploded in so many ways. My deepest love and gratitude to Isis for this expression of her love!