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Places To Visit On The Tour Of Mary Magdalene In Southern France

Most popular:

Hermitage De Galamus, Gorge De Galamus, Take a mile walk along a small roadway in the gorge to The Hermitage De Galamus. Scenic splendor completed by a church built in the 4th century in a cave, the most heart awakening church as much worship of Mary Magdalene has been the focus over the centuries. Feel her presence with the strong divine feminine presence.


Rennes Le Chateau, world famous, the setting in the last scene of the book “Da Vinci Code”. This significant historic site is a most beautiful small chapel in a small community overlooking the small town of Couisa. The lay lines of Pic De Bugarach have a direct connection to Rennes Le Chateau and has been revered as a sacred place of worship for more than 2,000 years.


Pic De Bugarach, one of the seven major vortexes on the planet. We will have a direct, daily interaction with De Pic as Corine’s and Marcella’s home are beside it. The Pic has multitudes of laylines coming out of its base and connecting its energy to a variety of the sacred sites in the area.

Mount Cardou, legendary feminine counterpart to Pic De Bugarach where Mary Magdalene lead rituals and some say was buried there. Enjoy the subtle energies of this powerful place and feel the presence of Mary.


Chateau De Payerpertuse, a beautiful Cathar Chateau high on a mountain top (one/third kilometer up) with a wonderful chapel of Mary Magdalene and a second chapel connecting to spirits of creator and heaven. Meditate in the lower level connecting to the lower chakras and earth then activate the crown chakra to spirits of heaven and sky at the top tower. The castle has remained much intact built on a mountain top. Payerpertuse is a wonderful place to experience a large, ancient castle with much of the original stonework. Enjoy viewing a 360 degree panorama of the beautiful French countryside.


Rennes Le Bain, spend time in this quaint small, Roman town. Sit on “The Seat Of Isis”, enjoy a hot mineral bath in the River Sals, and drink water from “The Source” a high mineral content spring.


Fountain De Amour, near Rennes Le Bain, sacred pool where legend says was Mary Magdalene preferred baptismal spot. Highly energetic in a fairy like setting. A favorite swimming spot for locals who enjoy the cold, salty waters.


Nebias, A magical rain forest full of Angelic and Fairie spirits in a dense forest of trees and green mossy limestone rocks sculptured in intricate mazes making each turn a new adventure into nature


De Bezu, a Templar Fortress, where legend says held ancient artifact treasures from Jesus via Jerusalem (never to be recovered when the Templars fell). There seems to be an energetic connection between Jerusalem, The Pic De Bugarach and The Bezu.


The Cave Of Mary Magdalene, are three caves, legend says was one of Mary’s residences in her nomadic life. However, these caves appear to be much older sacred places of worship for cleansing of human limitations and for the creation of our dreams. Each cave has special properties with masculine and feminine qualities and as a individual experiences each cave they can be in a strong environment to plant the seeds of manifestation for our requests as pagan residents did hundreds to thousands of years ago.


Monsequir, Cathar Chateau of the tragic deaths of 200 Cathars, included on the admission ticket is a free pass to Monsequir museum.


Alet Le Bain, Roman town with, most likely, the oldest temple in the area, dedicated to Dianna The Hunter. Also nearby is a wonderful public water fountain of very high vibrational water. Nearby is St Salyvre, a Roman turned Christian church, legend says Jesus died and was buried here.


Perillos, A Chateau where legend say Jesus was re-buried.


Bugarach Church, humble church in honor of Mary Magdalene in the nearby town of Bugarach.


Celtic Stone Circle of Bugarach, there is something magical about this place, not a well developed stone circle but is a sweet energy and near by journey. Is located in the beautiful Communal Forest near Bugarach.









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