Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Sample Tour and Descriptions


Itinerary Mary Magdalene Tours  (ten day tour sample)

With Bart Sharp


Enjoy a small, intimate tour (6 maximum) in the heart of one of the world’s most powerfully spiritual places.

Itinerary Mary Magdalene Tours  (ten day tour sample)

With Bart Sharp


Enjoy a small, intimate tour in the heart of one of the world’s most powerfully spiritual places.


****These are sample dates****

Depart USA on September 14th and arrive on September 15th at Toulouse/Blagnac Airport on the afternoon of the 15th and rest at the Fast Hotel (3 blocks) from the airport.

Day 1 (Thursday, September 16th)  Pick up at the Fast Hotel from Toulouse at 10 30-11AM.

*If you are flying that morning  of the 16th please schedule your flights to arrive before 10:00 AM. Otherwise I recommend  if you travel from USA or other similar destinations, depart on the 14th, arrive on the 15th and sleep at the airport hotel.

We will enjoy a two-hour drive to the Bugarach area in Southern France with lunch or pastry break along the way if needed in Limoux or Couiza. Then check into our rooms in Brezilou and then back out for the first tour sites.

We take a quick 15 kilometer trip to the small town of Bugarach  for opening prayers, intentions and activations. We take a quick walk to the outskirts of Bugarach to an area that is perceived to be the encampment where Mary Magdalene and the Essines lived (according to Clair Heartsong’s book “Voice Of The Magdalenes.”)

Bring a water bottle as we be drinking high vibrational water.

Day 2 (Friday September 17th) We travel to the majestic areas of The Gorge De Galamus and Hermitage De Galamus. Enjoy an easy one kilometer stroll along this beautiful gorge road looking down two to three hundred feet cliffs into the rugged limestone rock streams of The Gorge De Galamus.

At the end of the walk The Hermitage De Galamus is a Catholic Church within a cave on the cliff side of the gorge. This heart opening, cave church has a strong presence of Mary Magdalene, some psychics swear her presence is so strong it must have been one of her ceremonial places.

Enjoy a wonderful cup of hot chocolate or coffee in the concession area at the cave entrance, Great place to buy souvenirs.

If you are afraid of heights we can also drive to the hermitage, please let me know, otherwise we walk.

We visit an old abbey town of Cubieres Sur Cinoble, the last remnants of the abbey is an old Templar based church.

In the afternoon we ride a winding country road to visit a mountain peak fortress of Chateau De Payrepertuse. This well built fortress is a great example of the chateaus of France established in the dark ages. Within the structures are two churches, one of Church of Marie and the other a hill top church of San Jordi. Both churches still embody special powers.

Return home around 6PM

Day 3  (Saturday, September 18th

We will take a half hour drive deeper into the foothills of the Pyrenees to the city and forest of Nebias. Most agree this is the best description of a fairy forest ever seen in France. Enjoy a day trip walking in a maze of forest trails and limestone rocks in the presence of the fairy and angel kingdoms. Words cannot describe it. We will enjoy a picnic in the woods. This is this longest walking day of eight kilometers on an all day excursion. Most of our time will be spent sitting in a forest. Remember to bring some form of mat or pad, water bottle and backpacks to carry your lunch. I will have walking sticks for everyone. We buy lunch in Quillian bakery.

Early return day around 4 to 5 PM


Day 4  (Sunday, September 19th )

We pick up lunch at the Sunday market in Esperaza and head out for the day’s big adventure and longest drive.

We go into the Pyrenees mountains to visit the town of Tarrascon home of Chapelle de Notre Dame Sabarts, founded over twelve hundred years ago by King Charlemagne who encountered  Mother Mary at this spot. This church is an amazing connection to the feminine.

Next we visit a sacred cave of the Cathars, Grotte De Bethlehem, this is a highly charged cave tapping into deep sources of the inner light (or inner sun) of the earth. Once you have visited, it is easy to understand why this was a sacred pilgrimage site for the Cathars. We eat lunch here and spend a few hours at this highly powered time doing group healings and individual meditations.

On our way home we will stop by a country church called Notre Dame De Celles, Mother Mary appeared here to a young man and blessed the local spring in a forested hillside, much like the story of Bernadette in Lourdes. The church has a profound presence of Mother Mary and holy water is available for all, equal to the intensity of the water of Lourdes. Bring your bottles as you will want to take this water home.

This church is opened only on Sundays for rosary service, we hope to come around the end of the service around 4:00 PM. The water is always available.

We will be doing Mother Mary prayers while drinking the high vibration water raising our spiritual chi while extending this energy out to our loved ones.

Late return after 6 PM

Day 5,  (Monday, September 20th)

A day of visiting churches and castles all north of Esperaza in the towns of Limoux and Vals. On the outskirts of Limoux there is the famous Notre Dame De Marcielle; a locally famous church with a holy well of higher vibration and a Black Madonna mysteriously found in a nearby field where the church was built in the eighth century. We take a short visit to the church in St. Polycarpe if time permitting.

To complete the day we travel to Vals an ancient site of worship dating back to possibly 2500 BC, amazing architecture and deeply powerful. Many people perceive a “white light energy” coming up from the earth when they place their hand upon the alter. The church is built into mountain side and is an architectural wonder.

Lunch in Limoux or Mirepoix and spend a little time exploring one of these small towns.

Return around 5PM

Day 6 (Tuesday, September 21st

Half day

We visit the small church in Bugarach, spirit definitely lives in this quiet church.

We will have a second meditation time at Pic De Bugarach, somewhere around the base of the sacred, stargate mountain, Pic De Bugarach.

Lunch at Rennes Les Bains in the town square, there is a Brassiere and pizza place, Chez Oui (serving Italian style pizzas). The Brassiere restaurant next door serves hamburgers, various fried foods and salads at the town center plaza under the sycamore trees. The Brassiere owner is a home spun artist expressing his love of Rennes Le Bains through his art all placed in his restaurant.

***In the afternoon, it is a free day to relax either in the hot springs, saunas, go the the Chair of Isis or explore the small town or country side of Rennes Les Bains, or have an early return home to rest in the comfort of your room. Bring your bathing suit if you are going to the hot springs.

Half day or return home between 5 and 6 PM.

***In the evening after dinner we will listen to a lecture in Brezilou by Sus Krassel and Kaj Lilliendal on Rennes Les Chateau and the energetic dynamics of the area.


Day 7 ( Wednesday September 22nd)

We will drive about an hour and fifteen minutes in the direction of the coast to the desert area to visit Cave of Perillos, we will spend the morning hours there meditating in this well lit cave. I suspect this was a place of worship or pilgrimage for the Cathar people. Author of “The O Manuscript” Lars Muhl believes Mary Magdalene did an extended sabbatical here. We will be spending two to three hours here in single and group meditation.

Nearby the caves is Chateau de Perillos, perched on an hilltop over looking the Mediterranean Ocean, some believe Jesus was buried here. A very powerful place for meditations.

Lunch will be purchased at a local bakery in Estagel or Quillan as we will buy a picnic lunch to dine in the cave, bring your backpacks and mats. This day will include about 4 kilometers of walking in total.

Late return after 6 PM

Day 8 (Thursday, September 23rd)

Just a short drive away from our tour home is the world famous church of Rennes Les Chateau. The church was used as the setting in the final scene of “The DaVinci Code.” Author William Henry proclaims, “The church is the most powerful energy in the world.” I perceive the church is the intersection of three ley lines and it was likely a place of worship long before the Catholics came in (most likely worshippers of Isis.)

***We will have a guided tour of the church by Sus and Kaj who will give us a deep explanation of the symbology, and energetics of the church.

Afterwards will enjoy a relaxing lunch in Le Jardin De Marie in RLC, a beautiful outdoor restaurant with reasonable but delicious lunches and sheep milk ice cream out of this world. There will be time to shop in a few of the shops in the village as well.

After a late lunch we will go to “Fountain De La Amour” near Rennes Les Bain. Some believe Mary Magdalene did baptisms here. It is a heavenly beautiful place and good for a swim if you like cold water. Otherwise, meditate in a fairy like atmosphere or take some beautiful photos. You can take a swim here but the water is cold.

Day 9 (Friday, September 24th)

We will take a short drive in the Rennes Le Chateau area to “The Cave of Mary Magdalene” It is unknown why they are called the Caves of Mary Magdalene, some say she did healings there.  What is more obvious about these caves are they are ancient, it is hard to tell whether they are natural or partially man made (or alien made) by an ancient people. One of the caves has a great feminine presence connecting deep into the source of Gaia. The second cave is more of a masculine energy and is good to find clarity, release and resolution of issues. The third cave has a connection to the cosmos, I call it “The Star Cave” These three caves each have their own distinct presence and possibilities to facilitate transformation . The most popular appears to be the feminine cave where ancient rituals of fertility were likely preformed. It has the most divine feminine presence. A tour favorite and we will spend at least three hours at these caves. There will be time for individual and group energy work.

We eat a late lunch at “Le Fournil De Luc” a pastry, salad and sandwich shop. The desserts are amazing, always leave room for something sweet in this organic restaurant.

St Salyvre.

We pass thru Alet Les Bains to travel up a narrow winding hill to the tiny village of St Salyvre. A former Roman outpost, former Catholic church and now a spiritual community center. French stories say Jesus died here.  Placing your hands on the alter activates a very powerful energy in the crown chakra and third eye. I feel the presence of Jesus here very strongly. This is an amazing place as it is located at a mountain pass of around 2,000 feet so the views are good.

Early return to home at 4 PM

Day 10  (Saturday, September 25th)

We go to the town of Serres at the base of Pech Cardou to connect to the spirit of Mary Magdalene in a group meditation. We close the tour in the presence of the spirit of the Magdalene.

We proceed to Toulouse to be delivered to the hotel or airport around 1PM.

In general, we will visit other locations and it is hard to predict how many due the speed of the group. The priority is to allow the group the time needed to absorb each site before moving on. Sometimes we have time to visit minor sites as well.

For more information and photos of the tour go to: www.marymagdalenefrancetours.com

The Fast Hotel

Due to jet lag and the various times people arrive and crossing the Atlantic Ocean is such a stress I request everyone arrive on September 15th in the afternoon and sleep at the Fast Hotel, (only three blocks for the airport with near by restaurants). I pick everyone up at 10 30AM and begin the tour. I suggest with departures to book tickets for September 26th or in the mid-late afternoon of September 25th. I can arrange a reservation for the hotel or you can do so via website.

 For more information and photos of the tour go to: www.marymagdalenefrancetours.com

Places To Visit On The Tour Of Mary Magdalene In Southern France

Most popular sites:

Hermitage De Galamus, Gorge De Galamus, Take a mile walk along a canyon roadway in the gorge to The Hermitage De Galamus. Scenic splendor completed by a church built in the 4th century in a cave by Saint Antone. However, many feel the cave was used centuries before Antone’s hermit establishment. Hermitage is an extremely heart awakening church and it is suspected to be a place Mary Magdalene may have stayed. Feel her presence with a definite strong immersion into the divine feminine.

Cubieries Sur Cin Noble  Templar oriented church and site of a grand old abbey.

Chateau De Payrepertuse, a beautiful Cathar Chateau high on a mountain top (one/third kilometer up) with a wonderful chapel of Mary Magdalene and a second chapel connecting to spirits of creator and heaven. Meditate in the lower level connecting to the lower chakras and earth then activate the crown chakra to spirits of heaven and sky at the top tower. The castle has remained much intact built on a mountain top. Payrepertuse is a wonderful place to experience a large, ancient castle with much of the original stonework. Enjoy viewing a 360 degree panorama of the beautiful French countryside.

Rennes Le Chateau, world famous, the setting in the last scene of the book “Da Vinci Code”. This significant historic site is a most beautiful small chapel in a small community overlooking the small town of Couisa. The lay lines of Pic De Bugarach have a direct connection to Rennes Le Chateau and has been revered as a sacred place of worship for more than 2,000 years.

Pic De Bugarach, one of the twelve major vortexes or stargates on the planet. We will meditate at the base of De Pic.  The Pic has multitudes of ley lines coming out of its base and connecting its energy to a variety of the sacred sites in the area.

Bugarach Church, humble church in honoring Mother Mary in the nearby town of Bugarach and highly energized by the stargate mountain, Pic De Bugarach.

Celtic Stone Circle of Bugarach, there is something magical about this place, not a well developed stone circle but is a sweet natural energy. Is located in the beautiful Communal Forest near Bugarach.

Mount Cardou, legendary feminine counterpart to Pic De Bugarach where Mary Magdalene lead rituals and some say was buried there. Enjoy the subtle energies of this powerful place and feel the presence of Mary.

Rennes Le Bain, spend time in this quaint small, Roman town. Sit on “The Seat Of Isis”, enjoy a hot mineral bath in the River Sals, and drink water from “The Source” a high mineral content spring.

Fountain De Amour, near Rennes Le Bain, sacred pool where legend says was Mary Magdalene’s preferred baptismal spot. Highly energetic in a fairy like setting. A favorite swimming spot for locals who enjoy the cold, salty waters.

Alet Le Bain, Roman town with, most likely, the oldest temple in the area, dedicated to Dianna The Hunter. Also nearby is a wonderful public water fountain of very high vibrational water. Nearby is St Salyvre, a Roman turned Christian church, legend says Jesus died and was buried there.

St Salvyre  Old Roman site and then church where rumoured where Jesus died. Very Profound place.

Notre Dame De Marcielle  Home of Black Madonna of Limoux, discovered in the 8th century. It is a beautifully ornate, cathedral and healing springs.

St Polycarpe  Visogoth church near Limoux with the area’s only aqueduct.

Vals  Ancient site of worship dating back to possibly 2500 BC, amazing architecture and amazingly powerful. Church is built into mountain side.

Nebias Forest, A magical rain forest full of Angelic and Fairy  spirits in a dense forest of trees and green mossy limestone rocks sculptured in intricate mazes making each turn a new, astonishing beauty of nature designs

De Bezu, a Templar Fortress, where legend says held ancient artifact treasures from Jesus via Jerusalem (never to be recovered when the Templars fell). There seems to be an energetic connection between Jerusalem, The Pic De Bugarach and The Bezu.

The Caves Of Mary Magdalene, are three caves, legend says was one of Mary’s residences in her nomadic life. However, these caves appear to be much older sacred places of worship for cleansing of human limitations and for the creation of our dreams. Each cave has special properties with masculine and feminine qualities with the third cave connecting to a higher dimensional consciousness.  A great location to have an individual awakening as each cave can be in a strong environment to have a profound experience. Plant your seeds of manifestation and transformation as pagan residents did hundreds to thousands of years ago.

Perillos, A chateau where legend say Jesus was re-buried.

Cave Of Perillos An ancient cave thought to be where Cathars worshipped. Possible sabbatical sight for Mary Magdalene.

Grotte De Bethlehem  Sacred caves of the Cathars near Ussat and Tarrascon.

Chapelle de Notre Dame Sabarts  Very old church saluting the black madonnas of the area with photographs and a ornately beautiful black madonna as well. There are wonderful shrines dedicated to Mary Magdalene and Saint Anne. Founded by King Charlemagne in 7th century who saw Mother Mary at this site in which he proclaimed a church to be built in her honor.

Notre Dame De Celles Location of Mother Mary citing in 1600’s, very pure energy of Mary and spring water blessed by Mary are of a  very high vibration.

Monsequr, Cathar Chateau of the tragic deaths of 200 Cathars, included on the admission ticket is a free pass to Monsequr museum. Some believe Monsegur is one of the great pilgrimage destinations due to the power of the mountain the chateau sits on. Two major ley lines cross at Monsegur, energizing the mountain.









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