Enjoy a spiritual, mystical tour of Southwest France, the lands of Mary Magdalene, The Cathars and Templars.

Rennes Les Chateau (with slideshow)

Rennes Les Chateau, France

Rennes Les Chateau, France

Rennes Les Chateau (With Slideshow)

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Rennes Les Chateau

By Bart Sharp


The world’s famous Rennes Les Chateau is in the heart of the Southern France lands of Mary Magdalene. The hill fortress sits up on a strategic location over looking the towns of Couiza and Quillan in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains, approximately 100 kilometers north of the Mediterranean Ocean.


It was once a city of the Visigoths and then became a Roman town/fortress. The church Rennes Les Chateau was a sacred site long before it became Catholic with roots in paganism and very likely a church worshipping the Egyptian Goddess, Isis. The Church of Jesus or Catholic Church was founded by the Cathars who were a mixture of Celts and Visigoths who practiced the teaching of Mary and parts of the Bible.


Still today, Rennes Les Chateau pays homage to Mary Magdalene, recognizing her as a holy woman. The church has a different feel than most Catholic churches, as the energies of the feminine has a strong presence. Some say this church is one of the most energetically powerful places in the world. Appropriately so as it has been a sacred site for centuries and the ancient people set up the foundation on ley lines coming from the Magic Mountain, Pic De Bugarach.


The church gained much notoriety from the Priest Berenger Sauniere who transformed it in the 1860’s from a damaged, run-down building to the exquisitely beautiful small place of worship it is today. The unanswered question people still ask today is, “How did he get the funds to do such an extreme renovation?” Evidence still does not reveal the secrets of Sauniere and Rennes Les Chateau. What we do know is the small chapel is beautiful, revered by people around the world and energetically powerful.

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